Should I Call My Father?

Blood Angels Primaris Interceptors, Warhammer 40K Space Marine Paint to Order

Warhammer Chaos Chariot Metal Miniature OOP Ref CB116 Boxed The hardest part of having a parent with Alzheimer’s is not knowing if you’re only causing him pain. via NYT Opinion

Picture of the day for June 17, 2019

Dwarf warriors 15 metal sigmar order fantasy (30155) warhammer

25mm dark age byzantine varangian guard 20 figures (15762)Metal Dark Elf Witch Elf + X2 Harpies - OOP - Warhammer Age of Sigmar NN122SUPERB EMPIRE GREAT CANNON AND CREW PRO-PAINTED EMPIRE ARMY COLLECTION V.NICE

15mm medieval burgundian - heavy 12 figures - cav (33736) Wikipedia picture of the day on June 17, 2019: A peat bog below the top of Doune Hill, Luss Hills, Scotland /2IHJhhm